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At the Law Office of Michael A. Perez, we embrace using today’s technology to safely practice law with our clients. Even before the COVID-19 global pandemic, Zoom, FaceTime & similar technologies were being used with increasing frequency for virtual meetings to accommodate collaboration on documents and slides, with simultaneous video and audio, and a plethora of other functionalities. Zoom & FaceTime has become a ubiquitous software, as synonymous with virtual meetings as “Uber” is to on-demand ride sharing. Now, with the burgeoning wave of businesses and courts shifting to remote operations, if they remain open at all, virtual meeting technologies like Zoom & FaceTime are key tools to successful operations.

Following are some tips for using Zoom and other virtual meeting tools more productively in meetings and depositions. Zoom tutorials and the Zoom blog offer a wealth of assistance regarding all types of meetings. Although the specific details and commands may differ, the suggestions are in large part applicable to similar technologies.

Zoom -- Safe Legal Access & Security

Control access. Zoom allows restricted access to a meeting by making use of the Waiting Room feature. Individuals seeking to join the meeting will be “parked” in a Waiting Room until the meeting host admits them. This allows the host to decide who can enter the meeting, and when. Waiting Rooms are enabled by accessing the Settings tab after signing in.

Video and Appearance

Position the camera. If you are the only meeting participant from your location, position your camera so that it is just above eye level. There are dozens of hardware devices available to elevate the laptop and position the camera to get the view that works best for you and your profile. In a pinch, stack your laptop on top of some books to get the right elevation. Treat the camera’s lens as if it were your audience—look directly at it and not at the images of other participants (if they appear on the screen).

Position the background. If you are working from home, as many of us are now, station yourself so that your background is as uncluttered as possible and there are no doorways in the frame (through which passersby might be visible). Or, use the virtual background feature on Zoom. Focus the camera. Zoom also offers a Touch Up My Appearance function in Settings, Video, which will soften your camera’s focus so that you and your expressions are visible, but any imperfections are minimized.

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