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Workplace Injuries And Workers' Compensation Claims

Workplace accidents can cause any number of injuries. Most serious injuries prevent victims from being able to work and provide for their families. When you cannot work, you need benefits to help cover medical costs and lost wages. If you have been hurt in a workplace accident and are unsure of your rights, the next step is to contact a lawyer.

The Law Office of Michael A. Perez offers straightforward legal representation for those who have been injured in workplace accidents throughout Illinois. Michael is very knowledgeable of workers' compensation law and maintains a proven track record representing clients facing work-related injuries.

Your Guides Through The Workers' Comp System

Understanding even the basics of workers' compensation insurance can be challenging for nonlawyers. Michael takes a hands-on approach to working with clients to make sure they understand the legal issues of their claim. He handles cases involving all types of workplace injuries, ranging from fractures to amputations, and represents claims in a variety of industries in Chicago & throughout Cook County.

Workers Compensation - Representation & Advice 

  • The steps to take after an injury at work
  • Filing for workers' comp benefits
  • Making sure you receive a fair settlement
  • Appealing denied claims
  • Retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim, including wrongful termination
  • Claims involving the aggravation or exacerbation of existing injuries or illnesses
  • Returning to work after an injury

6 Types of Workers Comp Benefits

There are essentially six types of workers' compensation benefits:

Temporary total disability (TTD): These are temporary benefits to help cover lost time at work. You can get TTD benefits if you are completely unable to work or are on work restrictions and your employer cannot accommodate "light duty."

Medical bill payment: You are entitled to get your medical bills paid if you have been injured in a workplace accident.

Permanent partial disability (PPD): These are permanent benefits that can be explored at the end of treatment when an injured worker returns to work. These are not for pain and suffering, but for permanent, lingering injury effects.

Statutory permanent total disability (PTD): These benefits are not commonly given and are awarded only in situations involving amputations (loss of multiple limbs) or other catastrophic, life-altering injuries.

Odd lot permanent total disability (PTD): Odd lot PTD benefits are given to those with permanent work restrictions due to work injuries who can no longer perform their regular jobs or any type of light-duty work. Often a diligent, but unsuccessful job search is required before such benefits are awarded. These benefits are awarded based upon a combination of age, education and the nature of the injury. If awarded, these are given on a weekly basis for the injured worker's lifetime.

8(d)(1) wage differential benefits: These benefits are awarded when an injured worker has a permanent work restriction and reduced earning capacity as a direct result of a work injury. Such injured workers are entitled to recoup two-thirds of the difference between what they would be earning in the full performance of their duties in their regular job and a suitable alternative light-duty job within their work restrictions. These benefits are paid either for the duration of the injured worker's life or to age 67

Our Top Priority Is You!

When you retain the services of The Law Office of Michael A. Perez, you are our top priority. As your case progresses, you can expect to receive updates and be informed about legal issues and the options you can pursue. The goal is to resolve your claim as quickly as possible, but never compromise on integrity and getting top dollar for your case.


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