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Real Estate


My firm has been helping buyers and sellers through the process of real estate closings since I started the firm in 1986. I review the contract and make amendments that suit your personal needs. I than keep track of the loan process to avoid delays or forfeitures of your earnest money. Once your loan is approved I accompany you to the closing. I review each and every document that you sign and account for every penny that you spend.

For the seller, I prepare all the necessary documents, arrange for the payoff of your mortgage, order a land survey and title insurance, comply with all local ordinances and monitor the buyer’s progress toward closing and complete the closing.


This is a legal process where I sue a co-owner of property that refuses to sell. The process requires the court to separate the interests of the parties according to their respective contributions to the property.


I represent landlords and tenants in the eviction court. For the landlord I prepare the necessary notices and keep track of the time line for suit. I will prepare the complaint for Forcible Detainer (eviction) and than affect service of the complaint on the tenants. For the tenants I will prepare an answer to the complaint and any defenses that may be available to you. I can arrange for sufficient time for you to move when that is the issue at hand.